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Daily (Overfit)-mono stripe SDGr,SD16
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 Polyester (Mono Stripe) 
 Off-White / Black  

 SDGR : Chest 28cm / Length 24cm / Shoulders 15cm 

 SD16 : Chest 32cm / Length 26cm / Shoulders 15.5cm

Daily (Overfit) - mono stripe SDGr,SD16


It is a simple mono striped daily shirt, black & white.

It is a over fit shirt that feels of being worn over one size big shirt.


We used the soft material and gave it a loose feel. Also, the vertical stripes added sophistication.


There is a difference in front and back length of the body. There is a trim at the ends of both shirts, so when you wear one side of the shirt in your pants, it adds to the taste.


The cuffs of the sleeves are made wider and longer to emphasize the feeling of the over-fit.



It is a overfit item with simple silhouette that can make various fashion according to the layering the clothes. We made it for both, men and women.


* The shirt on the photo is SD17 size. We deliberately directed it with Over size Shirt.

When you order SDGR, then it will be delivered in SD13 boy size.

When you order SD16, then it will be delivered in SD17 boy size. 

Please check before making the order. 


* Modeled on Volks SD16, SDGR Girl Body.
* Compatible with other 60cm doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.