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Floral Jumper (overfit) DD,SDGr,SD16
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 Poly Print
 Ivory / Black

 DD, SDGR (It could share with SD13) : Chest 32cm / Length 20cm / Shoulders 21cm 

 SD16 (It could share with SD17) : Chese 34cm / Length 22cm / Shoulders 23cm 


 [ Floral Jumper (overfit) DD, SDGr, SD16 ]



It is a casual jumper with a bright floral print. 

It is made in oversize fit so the girl can be more cute and lovable.

Oversized shirts, basic fit shirts, T-shirts and etc... all of items can match stylish.

Matching with short skirts and shorts, It is finished with youthful casual look ~ ^^

* This costume is intentionally directed by an oversized shirt,

When ordering DD, SDGR size, it will go SD13 boy size.

When ordering the SD16, it will go SD17 boy size. Please care about it when you make the order. 


We are prepared Ivory and Black, two different print. 

Please select from the drop down options. 


* Modeled on Volks DD, SDGR Girl Body.
* Compatible with other 60cm doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.