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Sneakers (contrast bold) 75cm
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 ID75, EID 
 Gold contrast / Silver contrast / Black contrast (soldout)
 Total Length  - Length 12cm, Width 4.5cm 
  (Based on the bottom of the shoe. The inside would be about 0.5cm smaller.)
 [ Sneakers (contrast bold) 75cm ]



It is a sneaker item that has been used variously recently.

As well as casual clothes and can match with a suit.


A sneaker strap can be put into a shoe to express simply or can pull the straps out and use them in the usual way.


The basic color is white and it mixed gold / silver / black, please select from the option~  


* Attention:
Due to characteristics of handmade shoes, tiny damages can be made during manufacturing process such as fine abrasions or specs. It would be the best to take them off after wearing as some dye can rub off.

Especially, since the leather is cut and used on the side line of the shoe bottom, there might be a part where the cutting line is not smooth. In addition, there is a section where the inside of the shoe is cut.

Please care about it before making the order.




* Modeled on Soom ID75 body

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.