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Your Highness EID
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 70cm EID man's bodies
 Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Hat, Belt, Tassel, Shoulder Ornament, Badge 3, Gold String: Total 11 Pieces
 Jacket: Wool / Pants: Wool + Satin / Shirt: P. Cotton Yarn
 Black Set (Black Jacket + White Shirt + Black Pants (Red Satin Arrangements))
 Red Set (Red Jacket + White Shirt + Black Pants (Red Satin Arrangements))
 Jacket : Chest 40cm / Length 28cm / Shoulders 18cm / Sleeve Length 26cm
 Shirt : Chest 38cm / Length 27cm / Shoulders 18cm / Sleeve Length 25cm
 Pants : Waist 33cm / Length 43.5cm
 [ Your Highness EID ]

[ Your Highness ] Set is a recreation of classic British Royal Uniform.
They are worn on specials days such as on traditional events and wedding ceremonies.
This outfit will captivate your heart with sharp edged silhouettes and delicate details that show royal authorities.
It was also worn by Prince Williams on his wedding day and the world fell in love with how amazing he looked.

We have prepared this outfit in a classic black and special red.
To insure a good fit to your doll, we have prepared them in two different sizes.
Centimeters indicate the diameter of the hat.
Please select one from the drop down options.

* Modeled on Iplehouse EID Superhero Body.

* Compatible with other 70cm bodies but may fit differently on other companies’ bodies.