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Overfit Jacket (Double Breasted) msd(43cm)
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 Point : 1.18 point
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 Pants (Optional) :
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 MSD Boy (43cm)
 Require - Jacket / Optional - Pants
 Wool / Poly
 latte beige / rosy pink / black  

 Jacket MSD : Chest 24.5cm / Length 16cm / Shoulders 10.5cm / Sleeve length 14.5cm


 Pants MSD : Waist 18.5cm / Length 24cm

 [ Overfit Jacket (Double Breasted) msd (43cm) ]



Unlike classic suits that emphasize the exact fit that makes up the body line, it is the overfit jacket which can enjoy with more trendy and romantic sensibility.


Pants are tucked style pants in front, there is a little extra space and a slightly longer length.

Compared to the original pants, the front waist line comes up and has a little margin.

The base length is an ankle length, it made the cuffs can be made by folding the hem slightly. 



* Jacket is the required, pants are the optional. 

* When you select the pants from option, pants will ship the same color with jacket. Please select the size only!   

* If you want different color pants, please order the pants separately in the Bottom category.


 Our suits are 100% handmade and we followed Freedom Teller's motto which is to use perfect fitting patterns, meticulous stitching, real pockets, fine buttons and fabric pattern matching to create a piece of high completion


* Modeled on Volks msd Body.
* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.