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Biker 65cm,70cm,75cm
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 65cm,70cm,75cm Men
 Leather Jacket
 Fuax Leather
 Black / 

 65cm Chest 32cm / Length 20cm / Shoulders 15cm / Sleeve Length 22cm

 70cm Slim Chest 33.5cm / Length 22cm / Shoulders 17cm / Sleeve Length 24cm

 70cm Muscle Chest 35cm / Length 22cm / Shoulders 19cm / Sleeve Length 25cm

 75cm Chest 38cm / Length 24cm / Shoulders 20cm / Sleeve Length 26cm

 [ Biker 65cm,70cm,75cm ]

This is a simple rider styled jacket with zipper detailed points.
It is a great item to creat fashionable looks with its urban and chic fit.

Crafted through the rigorous process of leather goods, this item has a refined fit and detail.

* We prepared 2 sizes for 70cm (Slim/ Muscle) .

  70cm Slim is compatible with Luts SSDF, Switch Humming & Attractive body, and 

  70cm Muscle iscompatible with DF-A, Dollits DAD.


* If you like more oversize feeling, please select the one size bigger jacket.


* Modeled on 

  70cm Body - Switch Humming/ Dollits DAD body

  75cm Body - Soom Idealian 75 body

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.