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Jean pants (damaged-long) msd
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 MSD, MSD Plus
 Jean (long)
 Denim (damaged washed)




 MSD : Waist 18cm / Length 23cm 

 MSD Plus : Waist 20cm / Length 26cm 


 [ Jean pants washed (long) msd ] 



In washed-out damaged jeans 

This is the must have item that Casual style t-shirts, cardigans and other items could match well.

The length and wide were made to the basic line

* This pants is an item that can be put on for boys and girls.


** Washing and damage work are all done by hand, and the position and shape of damage might vary slightly during each work.


* Modeled on Volks MSD body 

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.