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Simply,Tux (off-white) ID75,EID
 Selling Price :
 Point : 2.18 point
 Size (Reqired) :
 Vest (Option) :
 Bowtie(Required) :
 Necklace(Required) :
 QTY : ea
Product Details    

 ID75, EID Man
 Required : Jacket, Pants, Bow tie, Necklace, Handkerchief / Optional : Vest
 Wool + Satin

 Off-white Wool


 - Based on Super Hero EID (Muscle Type)
   Jacket: Chest 40cm / Length 29cm / Shoulders 18cm / Sleeve Length 26cm

 [ Simply, Tux (Off-white) ID75, EID ]

Simply, Tux is a simple tux styled jacket for evening parties.

We arranged the collar with jacket lapel and cuffs with different color & texture to create point when turned up.
(Of course, you could create the usual look with them turned down.)
We emphasized the line from chest to waist to generate more appealing slim fit.
Why don't you adonize a bit more with a bow tie on a special day? ^^


* Jackets, pants, bowtie, necklace are required, vests is optional! *

   Please select the options! 

* Modeled on Soom ID75 body
* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.