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Overfit Coat (Double Breasted) 3.7 body(48cm)
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 3.7 body (48cm)
 Overfit Coat (Double Breast)
 Wool Cashmere 

 Red / Melange Grey / Brown Check / Black


 Coat : Chest 26cm / Length 30cm / Shoulders 11cm / Sleeve length 16cm

 [ Overfit Coat (Double Breasted) 3.7 body (48cm) ]



 It's a thick wool winter long coat.

 It is made with overfit and double fastening, so it could be stylishly produced even as a single item.

 There is plenty of size, so you can wear it nicely on a suit.

 We are prepared red, melange grey, brown check, and black

      Our suits are 100% handmade and we followed Freedom Teller's motto which is to use perfect fitting patterns, meticulous stitching, real pockets, fine buttons and fabric pattern matching to create a piece of high completion.



* Modeled on Simply Meant To Be 3.7 body.
* It doesn't consider 
compatible with other company bodies.