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Cape Coat (solid) SD16, DD
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 Point : 1.23 point
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 Fur collar(Optional) :
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Product Details    
  SD16, DD Femme
  Required : Cape / Optional: Fur collar (Detachable)
  Cape: Wool / Fur Collar (optional)
  Melange Grey / Red / Black 

  Cape Length :  cm 


  Cape Coat  SD16, DD Femme ]



 It is a cape coat with a lovely feel.

 It has a split in the front so that it could be displayed in various ways.

 The fur collar is detachable and could give a luxurious feeling when attached.

 If you take it off, you could wear it as an urban feeling cape.

 Colors are available in Melange Grey, Red and Black. Please select from the options~


* Fur collar is npt included. Please selelct the fur collar from its option.

 * Modeled on Volks SD16

 * Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.