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Crop Top DD, SD16
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 DD, SD16 Femme
 Crop Top
 orange / melange grey

 SD16: Chest 32cm / Length 12cm / Shoulders 14cm 

 DD: Chest 30cm / Length 11cm / Shoulders 13cm 

 [ Crop Top DD, SD16 ]


It is a cropped top with a light length that reveals the waist.

It is made with over-fit, so it's chic, but it is also cute with puff sleeves.

It has a good balance when worn with a cropped jacket or an overfit jacket,

You could make it a chic look, if you add some accessories.  ^^


Model: Head- Freedom Teller [Amber] / Body- Volks SD16 body

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.