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[ Leuven-Amour ] Head +Make-up (normal skin)
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This is a limited make up (2nd) event for Freedom Teller's 6th head '[Leuven]'.

* The 2nd limited make up artist is Sairin.

There are 20 limited make up heads (10 normal skins, 10 white skins). We will take pre-orders for a total of 10 domestic and 10 overseas. It will be closed on a first-come, first-served basis. 
It is automatically closed when the ready quantity order is completed.


During this period, blank head pre-orders will also be held. There is no quantity limit for blank heads, and orders can be made during the announced period.

Pre-order and shipping schedule :

Limited make up head : 2021. October 29th. 21:00pm - first-come-first-served
                                 * It's based on Korean time! *

- Blank head : 2021. October 29th. 21:00pm - 2021. November 12th. 21:00pm
                                 * It's based on Korean time! *

- Shipping period : 2021. December 20th ~  2021. December 22nd 



Head no.
   Head FT-06 Leuven ]
Head size (Circumference)
   8.5 inch
Eye size
   14 mm narrow 
Skin type
  Normal Skin
  Compatible Body type
  70cm boy's body
  head + make-up + plate + certificate + default case (box) + felt pouch

Make up
  * Makeup Artist : Sairin *