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Tails Club (skirt set) DD
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 DD Girl
 Jacket, Vest, Shirt, Skirt, Ribbon decoration & tail (Detachable) , Necktie, Necktie pin:  Total 7 pcs 

 Jacket, Skirt_ Wool Satin Mix / Shirt_ Cotton / Necktie, Ribbon decoration_ Satin 


 Ivory Set: Ivory Jacket / Ivory Skirt / Black Vest / Ivory Tie / Ivory Ribbon decoration

 Black Set: Black Jacket / Black Skirt / Ivory Vest / Black Tie / Black Ribbon decoration 


 Jacket : Chest 26cm / Length 11cm / Shoulders 12cm / Sleeve Length 18cm

 Pants : Waist 18cm / Length 10cm

 [ Tails Club (skirt set) DD Femme ]


This is a girl's tuxedo set, We are worked with a traditional tuxedo details combined with a girl's silhouette.

The jacket is a simple silhouette with a tailored collar and added satin colors on the pocket and used the wrapper buttons and etc for the details of the tuxedo.The length of the jacket has been shortened to emphasize the girl's waist-line.

It could be more formal and feminine with a well-fitted vest. 

It is also a simple short length skirt.
The lace color mix and ribbon decorations and tails transform into a more gorgeous.These are detachable. 
* Lace texture as a subsidiary material might be changed to similar one.

* Ivory set and black set are available, please select from the option.
For DD clothes, both jacket and skirt are lining in ivory color to prevent body staining.

* Modeled on Volks DD body (Breast size : L )

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.