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Cape Coat (tweed) 48cm
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  3.7 body (48cm)
  Required : Cape / Optional: Fur collar (Detachable)
  Cape: Tweed / Fur Collar (Fur)
  Ivory / Red / Black 

  Cape Length :  cm 


  Cape Coat (Tweed3.7 body (48cm) ]



 It is a cape coat with a lovely feel.

 The shoulder line is softly treated, and the front part is slit so that the arm could be removed.

 It is an outfit that could be displayed in a variety of ways with a formal or casual feel.

 The fur collar is detachable and could give a luxurious feeling when attached.

 If you take it off, you could wear it as an urban feeling cape.

Colors are ivory, red, and black. Please select from the option~ 

 * It's a seasonal item and the colors are off-white and red. Please select from the options. 


* Fur collar is not included. Please selelct the fur collar from its option.

 * Modeled on Simply Meant To Be 3.7 body (48cm)

 * Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.