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pluffy pluffy (reversed) 70cm,72cm,75cm
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 70cm,72cm,75cm Homme
  Required: Coat + Belt / Optional : Waist Bag /
 faux leather + faux fur
 Black ( Fur Coloring : Cream, Teddy Brown )

 70cm : Chest 46cm / Length 38m /

 72cm : Chest 47cm / Length 40m /

 75cm : Chest 50cm / Length 42m /

 [ pluffy pluffy (reversed) 70cm,72cm,75cm ]


It is double-faced coat using leather & fur reversed.


Dropped shoulder line, volumed sleeves make this casual coat more stylish.
Contrasted gold metalic finishes make the style more chic and contemporary.


* Black leather fabrics are common, and fur color is option.
  Please select fur color from options.


* Waist bag is optional.  Please add the options if you want to order it..


* it is reversable coat, but leather fabric is sensative.
  It might be scratched
or rinkled. Please handle carefully!


* Model : 
  Head- Freedom Teller [RUNE] /
SWITCH Humming 70cm body

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.