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pluffy pluffy (sheering-cropped) 60cm,65cm
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 60cm,65cm Femme
  Required: Coat  /
 faux fur
 Cream/ Teddy Brown /

 60cm : Chest 42cm / Length  16cm /

 65cm : Chest 44cm / Length  18cm /

 [ pluffy pluffy (sheering-cropped) 60cm,65cm Femme ]


It is pluffy pluffy winter coat with sheering fur.


Dropped shoulder line, volumed sleeves make this casual coat more stylish.
Contrasted gold metalic finishes make the style more chic and contemporary.

* It's casual coat for both boys and girls.

  So, we made the closing of front as same as boy's clothes.


* Fur color is option. Please select the colors from options.




* Model : 
  Head- Freedom Teller [ AMBER ] + Volks SD16 girls & SD17 boys body


* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size. 


Product Details | Product Q's    
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