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Release Me (Trench Coat) 65cm,70cm
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 65cm, 70cm Homme
  Coat, epaulet (detachable), waist belt,  gold pendant /
 cotton gabardine
 Butter Beige / Khaki Brown /

 65cm : Chest 44cm / Length 43cm /

 70cm : Chest 48cm / Length 45m /

 [ Release Me (Trench Coat) 65cm,70cm ]


It is a unique a unique coat with generous A-line silhouette and button details on sleeves.

Total silhouettes are similar to cape coat w/ A-line shaped.

Sleeves are also A-line shaped and they have button-down points.

Epaulet & waist belt are traditional elements for the classic trench coat.

We made them detachable, and it can make various styling.


* We prepared a gift for this coat.
-- gold pendant carved 'Freedom Teller' logo inside



* Model : 
  Head- Freedom Teller [RUNE] /
  Body- 70cm 
Dolits DAD70 body

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.