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Pola T (banding) SD16
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 SD16 Femme
 Pola T-shirt
 Ribbed Jersey
 Ivory / Green / Pink / Melange Grey / Black
 Chest cm / Length cm / Shoulders cm / Sleeve Length cm
 [ Pola T (banding) SD16 ]

This is a thin turtle neck pola T perfect as an inner layer during Autumn.


By using stretchy ribbed jersey material, we made this item to fit very well on your doll's body.

We have prepared this item in ivory, beige, green, pink, melange grey and black colors.


* To prevent the neck/cuffs from stretching out, we recommend taking the head and the hands of your doll off prior to putting the pola T on.




* Modeled on Volks SD16 Girl Body.

* Compatible with other similar sized bodies but may fit differently on other companies’ bodies.