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Skinny Pants (damaged) SD16 femme
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 SD16 femme
 a pair of pants
 Cotton Gabardine (stretchy)
 White / Black
 [ Skinny Pants (damaged) SD16 femme ]

We used stretchy material to prevent limitation in your doll's poses and the front of the pants have damaged detailing.

We have prepared this item in white and black. Please select one from the drop down options.

* The damaged detailing is done by hand and due the the characteristics of handcrafted work, every pants will be slightly different~


* Please be careful when putting on and taking off these pants from your doll as the damaged detailing may get stuck in your doll's joints.


* Modeled on Volks SD16 Girl Body.

* Compatible with other similar sized bodies but may fit differently on other companies’ bodies.