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Secret Agent (Smoking Suit) SD17,13,70cm
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 SD13 / SD17 / 70cm (Please select from the option)

  Jacket, Bow tie, Handkerchief, Key holder - total 4 pcs

 * Optional Items_Pants_ Green check, Black / Shirts, Cufflinks


  Jacket _Velvet, Jacquard 

  Shirts _ Cotton jacquard (fine herringbone texture)   


  Jacket _ Blue Velvet, Blue Jacquard / Check_ Green+Black tone, Shirts_White


 (based on Volks SD17 size)

  Jacket : Chest 31cm / Length 22cm / Shoulders 14.5cm / Sleeve Length 22cm
  Pants : Waist 24cm / Length_ 40cm


 [ Secret Agent (Smoking Suit) SD17,SD13,70cm ]  




The Secret Agent outfits are prepared in two different sets: Double-Breast Suit and Smoking Suit


You can select between Velvet and Jacquard for the smoking suit style.

Both materials are excellent materials to add sophistication and it's Freedom Teller's first time to release outfits using these materials. As these materials are very delicate, it takes longer time and care to tailor.


By matching green tone check pants to blue velvet jacket, we brought British look to this set. If you prefer more simple look, you can select black pants for a different vibe.

For gold jacquard jacket, we matched it with simple black pants for sophistication.


A jacket is a must-option but pants are optional.


Shirts & Cufflinks are also optional.




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This is where secret spy agents are trained with donated funds from their clients.

Through severe training and spy lessons, elite spies are born with perfect gentleman manners and style.

What makes people more wild about ‘the secret agents’ is their unexpected secret spy items.

These spy items emphasize gentlemen’s dignity but have high-tech spy tools built in.

We, Freedom Teller, tried to recreate these items.

* We’d like to clarify that we recreated these items based on their looks, not their function.

  We leave the function part up to your imagination~^^*

‘Secret Agent’s Secret Items

< Suit >

Romantic aspect, manners and clean suit fashion defines the dignity of English gentlemen’s look.

Secret agent’s suit is no longer just a suit but a high-tech armor!

< Shoes >

The agents’ code ‘Oxfords, Not Brogues’ are no ordinary shoes.

They’re used as weapons to suppress enemy at crucial moment.

< Umbrella >

The agents carry an umbrella even when it’s not raining as the umbrella itself becomes a powerful weapon.


* Only the ‘closed’ look of the umbrella is recreated, you can’t open or close the umbrella. The umbrella itself can be used for alternative cane concept~*

< Glasses >

When an agent is assigned to a mission, they wear a pair of glasses.

While black framed glasses add courteous look, they also work as high-tech screen and telescope to spot enemies afar.

* Only the frame of the glasses is recreated. They do not come with lens~*


* Modeled on Volks SD17 Boy Body.

* Compatible with other similar sized bodies but may fit differently on other companies’ bodies.