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Prince in Uniform SD17, 13, 70cm
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 SD17, 13, 70cm (Please select from the option)

  Jacket, Vest, Pants, Shirt, Bow Tie, Sash, Badge, Pendant, Key, Gloves - total 10 pcs

 * Optional Item : Hat


  Jacket, Pants_Wool / Vest_Satin / Shirt_Cotton


  Jacket, Pants_Dark Navy or White / Vest_Off-White / Shirt_White / Gloves_White

  Hat_Dark Navy + Off-White


 (based on Volks SD17 Boy)

  Jacket : Chest 31cm / Length 16cm / Shoulders 14.5cm / Sleeve Length 22cm
  Pants : Waist 24cm / Length_ 40cm


 [ Prince in Uniform SD17, 13, 70cm ]  




[ Prince in Uniform ] set is Freedom Teller's re-creation of a traditional prince uniform.


By matching tux styled vest, shirt and pants with a traditional uniform jacket, we finished this set to be a high-class formal uniform set. You can also use each piece individually to match them with everyday items for different looks.


We gave symbolic feature to the sleeves of the jacket by using tri-colored stripes and added accents with a badge and a pendant. Also, the teardrop shaped bead and gold accents finishes the bow tie and sash to a very delicate looking pieces.

You can select between Velvet and Jacquard for the smoking suit style.

Both materials are excellent materials to add sophistication and it's Freedom Teller's first time to release outfits using these materials. As these materials are very delicate, it takes longer time and care to tailor.


* We prepared this set in 2 different colors_Dark Navy and White. Please select the color from the drop-down option.


* All other pieces other than the jacket and pants are all created in same colors for both sets. Please refer to the photos for the colors and details.


* The gloves may not fit your doll depending on the hand parts' shape. Please take a note of this.


* The hat is an optional additional piece. Please add it to your order if you'd like it to be included with your set. 



* Modeled on Volks SD17 Boy Body.

* Compatible with other similar sized bodies but may fit differently on other companies’ bodies.