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Detective: Holmes SD13,17,70cm
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  SD13, SD17, 70cm (Please select from the option)

  Trench Coat, Cape(detachable), Vest, Pants, Scarf - total 5 pcs

 * Optional Item : Shirt / Hat / Pipe 


  Trench Coat, Cape, Hat_Wool Check / Vest, Pants_Wool Soild / Shirt_Cotton / Scarf_Satin


  Trench Coat, Cape, Hat_Brown Check / Vest, Pants_Dark Brown / Shirt_Off-White


  (Based on EID Muscle Size)

  Trench Coat : Chest 34cm / Length 43cm / Shoulders 15cm / Sleeve Length 22cm
  Pants : Waist 24cm / Length_ 40cm


 Detective: Holmes SD13, SD17, 70cm ]  





An impregnable detective, Sherlock Holmes! 


Holmes who got extraordinary brain that are beyond normal people. 

He reasoned that combined all the mystery, double track, and hypothesis in his own thoughts to undertake research mainly alone when the incident occurred. 

This is his style of Holmes when his logic is completed coolly to solve the case!


This limited was recreate the Holmes style with long length trench coat, detective hat and holding a pipe between his mouth with thoughtful look. 

Trench coat was produced by using a vintage feel rough carded wool checked fabric, and cape is possible to detach. We are matched with leather for making a point to sleeves, waist belt decoration, straps, capes closure, etc. 


Detective hat and pipe are very important accessories for the complete Holmes style.




* We are prepared the hat size in 25cm and 27cm.  




* Modeled on Volks SD17 Boy Body.

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.