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Thief : Lupin SD13,17,70cm
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  SD13, SD17, 70cm Boys (Please select from the option)

  Tailscoat, Cape, Vest, Pants, Bow tie, Glove - total 6 pcs

 * Optional Item : Shirt / Monocle / Stick


  Jacket, Vest, Pants_Wool+Satin / Tailcoat_Satin / Shirt_Cotton / Bow tie _Satin


  Tailscoat full set, Cape_Black / Shirt_Off-White


  (Based on SD17 Size)

  Jacket : Chest 31cm / Length 34cm / Shoulders 14.5cm / Sleeve Length 22cm
  Pants : Waist 24cm / Length_ 41cm


  [ Thief : Lupin SD13, SD17, 70cm ]  




Freewheeling offender Arsene Lupin!


Constantly enjoy life, doing extremely dangerous behavior, frivolous and  tripping rather than serious,

preference art and beautiful women, but he always dreams of challenging! He made people laugh. He made they felt pleasure to ridicule the order and common sense.  


Different with Holmes who is a level-headed person. He looked different in every cases. He laid himself open to attack that went as far as to raise the suspicion of identity. 


This limited was recreate the sharp dresser Lupin style of La Belle Epoque. The Long length jacket of tailscoat, waist fit vest, Turning up the collar of tailscoat style's shirt, and Bow tie are added Gentleman's chic. 


Monocle, Circular stick, Gentleman's hat, and Black cape are very important accessories for the complete Lupin style. 



* We added Gentleman's hat as an option. It's the same item with Gentleman's hat in the basic accessory category.   





* Modeled on Volks SD17 Boy Body. 

* Compatible with other doll sized but may fit differently depending on the size.