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[ Dyle-Thief ] Head + Make-up
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This is Freedomteller's first head [ Dyle ] + [ Theif : Lupin ] faceup 





 Freewheeling offender Arsene Lupin!


Constantly enjoy life, doing extremely dangerous behavior, frivolous and  tripping rather than serious,

preference art and beautiful women, but he always dreams of challenging! He made people laugh. He made they felt pleasure to ridicule the order and common sense.  


Different with Holmes who is a level-headed person. He looked different in every cases. He laid himself open to attack that went as far as to raise the suspicion of identity. 


This limited was recreate the sharp dresser Lupin style of La Belle Epoque. The Long length jacket of tailscoat, waist fit vest, Turning up the collar of tailscoat style's shirt, and Bow tie are added Gentleman's chic. 

Monocle, Circular stick, Gentleman's hat, and Black cape are very important accessories for the complete Lupin style. 








Head no.
   Head FT-01 [ Dyle]
Head size (Circumference)
   9 inch
Eye size
   14 mm
Skin type
  Normal Skin
  Compatible Body type
  VOLKS 65cm boy's body
  head + plate + certificate + default case (box)
Make up
  * Makeup Artist : Micazuki *
     Option A- Detective / Option B- Thief  * Please select, if you add the makeup
   Head FT-01 [ Dyle] + ' Thief ' concept make-up


We are prepared [ Detective(Holmes) vs Thief(Lupin) ] concept limited clothes and new head. 
This NEW HEAD has elegant and classic mood image which is matching great with FreedomTeller. Thanks for your love and support. 

The head is not limited, it will work with future clothes of FreedomTeller. 


This event makeup is limited, Makeup artist, Micazuki works with us this time. Please select, if you want to add the makeup. There are A- Detective / B- Thief in the option. You can choose one. 


- Clothes, head, make up order period -

Order Period : 2015. 12. 10 ~ 2016. 01. 09 

Shipping Period : Clothes 2016.02.10 / Head 2016.02.20 / Head+Makeup 2016. 02. 29


[Notice on Purchasing]


Order will ship in around 60 business days (excluding weekends and holidays)

upon receipt of payment. Due to force majeure situations such as natural disasters, it might be delayed slightly. Head will be on production once the payment has been confirmed. Therefore, it is not possible to cancel, exchange, or get refund after the payment. Please consider about before making order. 



[ Exchange / Return / A/S ]


It's not possible to return or A/S that can appear on the urethane products processing. 

( Ex: Some scratches of sanding caused while removing the gates.)  

However, we could care about damages which sully the value of production cost like a bubble,scratch, piece broken, etc. For return, exchange or A/S for the head, you must contact us within 7 days of arrival.

(It is not recognized as a damage without the front face of the head) 


If you need more information, then please inquire through the FAQ board regarding About Exchange & Refund & A/S


FAQ --> [Head] About Exchange & Refund & A/S   

[Payment and Shipping Guide]

Orders will be automatically canceled if payment is not received within the payment period.

There will be a certain penalty in case of unilateral cancellation, non-payment or other cancellation after order.

For bundle of shipping, it's only possible with the same order name.

Please use the QnA board to request the bundle of shipping.

(If you order multiple items or apply for bundle of shipping, it will be sent out following to the last shipping date.)


* Modeled on Volks SD17 Boy Body. 

* Compatible with other doll sized but may fit differently depending on the size.