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Rich Velvet JK SDGr,SD16
 Selling Price :
 Point : 1.20 point
 Required(Jacket,Skir :
 Optional (Skirt) :
 QTY : ea
Product Details    

 SDGR, SD 16 Femme
 Required : Jacket / Optional : Skirt, Bag 

 Jacket : Velvet / Skirt : Satin skirt + Under Skirt / Bag: Artificial Leather     


 Jacket: Red, Green / Skirt: Black 

 [ Rich Velvet Jacket  SDGR, SD16 femme ]


This is a velvet jacket for the special day 

It's velvet fabric and we add ladyishness and fance to jacket. 

We make to fit to waist in well with cutting the waist line and spread lightly from waist downwards. 

It matches good with a voulme skirt.    


The skirt is glossy satin fabric.  

We add under skirt for making volume of inverted pleats. 

A jacket with nice waist line and volume skirt combination could show the feminine body line.

* Modeled on Volks SDGR and Volks SD16 Girl Body.

* Compatible with other doll sizes but may fit differently depending on the size.